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I have compiled every tool I have that can help bring peace individually and collectively into this very timely offering. In the spirit of the quote by Lily Tomlin:  “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that, then I realized, I am somebody.” Whether you just want a few simple tools to get through the day, or to sleep better at night, or you’re ready to help the collective through forgiveness and doing Future World Meditations visualizing the world as we would ideally want it to be to make it more likely to manifest, there’s something here for you. My deepest wish is that it helps bring more peace into your world and the world at large. Om Shanti.


This bundle includes the following 16 videos:


Peace Life Tool

Peace Meditation

Serenitea – how to make a calming tea

Double the exhale breathing exercise

4 part breathing exercise

Full breathing exercise

Yoga Nidra (Audio)

Restorative Yoga

Quick pm / evening yoga

Lavander bath salts – how to make them

Night time life tool

Future World Meditation

When things are bad



Cutting Chords

Peace Bundle (click for details)