Metta / Love Bundle


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In this Metta / Love Bundle, I explain the background story to how the Metta Meditation came to be, and the Metta Meditation itself (where you conjure up a feeling of Loving Kindness and send it to yourself, others and the earth.) I also include a hand mudra to direct the flow of energy to your heart and a few heart opening yoga poses. Then to really get you feeling good and loving there are Gratitude, Kindness and Bliss tools and Bliss Meditation, so it really is a bundle of love! Practicing the Metta Meditation often really sends out palpable ripples of love to the world. The eight videos are:

Metta background Story

Metta Meditation

Hridaya Mudra

Heart Opening Yoga Poses


Kindness Life Tool

Bliss Life Tool

Bliss Meditation

Metta / Love Bundle