World of Wonder


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World of Wonder is a coffee table book with highlights from my travels in photographs with inspiring stories and quotes weaved throughout.

Introduction – Throughout history there have always been names who have spoken out for nature, for the earth, and for our need to live in harmony with her. These include indigenous people, Wordsworth, Shelley, Thoreau, Emerson, Ruskin, Rachel Carson, John Muir and Jacques Cousteau. In 1966 James Lovelock suggested in his Gaia hypothesis that the Earth was a living, self-regulating system, similar to the indigenous view of Pachamama. In the same year, the first black and white images of a the whole earth taken from space were revealed. Two years later the first color image of Earth from space followed, called Earthrise. As if in response to those images, in 1969 Friends of the Earth was founded to protect this planet and its environment. The following year the first Earth Day was established. In 1972 the first Earth Summit was held in Stockholm and in 1988 the first intergovernmental panel on climate change was established. 

It seems that there was a huge shift in human consciousness during these years and the emergence of a global environmental movement, as people finally got the perspective of seeing their home from space as tiny, blue marble surrounded by vast black nothingness. Seeing it as our one previous, shared home with its invisible, man-created borders, infall its beauty. Realising that we live on what Buckminster Fuller called ’Spaceship Earth’ as one human race and that we are also its guardians. 

World of Wonder