Little book of Wisdom


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With this book I am simply sharing some of the deep wisdom of a selection of the world’s bright lights and great minds that I have come across on my journey as someone always interested to learn and discover more about life. I collated their wisdom over the years in notebooks, then I travelled, living and working abroad, during which time the notebooks sat in a box gathering dust. When I returned years later, I felt that it could be a valuable gift to put it all into one book and share it with others. The wisdom here is global and universal. It comes from spiritual leaders, scientists, indigenous elders, a president, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, yogis, Nobel Prize winners and nominees, athletes, saints and troublemakers from all around the world, ranging from ages 16 to 94. They may contradict each other at times, but there are common threads weaving through them all, especially about our unity as a race and the importance of love. Being in their presence and listening to their words touched me deeply and I believe their wisdom could help others and potentially make the world a better place. So rather than letting my notes from these encounters sit on a shelf gathering dust, I thought I’d share them. It’s not my wisdom but I found myself in a position to collate it and pass it on.

(See Bright Lights below.)

Little book of Wisdom