Little book of Life Tools


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Over the years, I have come across, used, and sometimes invented ‘Life Tools ’that make the journey of life easier and more enjoyable. I decided to collate them all together many years ago to have them handy in one Little Book of Life Tools for reference, and also as a gift that I can share with my friends, family, clients or readers. That way it’s also portable for travellers and nomads like me. I have continued to add useful tools to it ever since, which have all been tried and tested in advance by me and enhanced my life. It’s the kind of book I wish I’d been given as a child. I didn’t grow up with this knowledge, (but then I wouldn’t have had all the fun of discovering them myself, and experimenting with these techniques.)

There’s something for every situation, and I hope it shows clearly that there’s always hope and we are more powerful than we sometimes think and never alone. My underlying assumption is that everything is energy and that our thoughts and intentions direct that energy and create. Intention is everything so the intention behind each tool is key. Any activity, from lighting a candle or drinking water to going to work or running a marathon can turn into magic when done consciously, from the heart with positive intent, making life more purposeful, fun, and sacred. I use these tools all the time. They are almost second nature to me now, and they have unquestionably made my life easier, and more magical than it would be without them. My hope is that by sharing them with you, your life will be improved and your journey be blessed with much light, love, truth, protection, health, success, peace and joy and oneness.
(Important- Since this is a PDF rather than a Book in your hand, the yoga sections do not have images of poses which would happen in the printing phase, however, I have created videos of every Life Tool in the book and most of the add ons, essential oil top tips and all the yoga sequences, so if you’d like access to any of those videos do reach out to me, or you’ll find some of them in the shop as stand alone videos or within the bundles.) See chapters below.
Little book of Life Tools