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It was delightful Jackie ~ my family and I thoroughly enjoyed the restorative yoga combined with essential oil massage by Nina plus the droplets of meaningful yoga/life quotes and extracts from you. Especially the last one about the family web by Chief Seattle.

We left the yurt feeling relaxed, grounded and loved xx

Aroma Yoga Workshop- Carol Chaimberlain 2017

A write up of my Dec 2015 Yoga Retreat in Kerala- India in Nat Geo Traveller Magazine:

Free Spirit Yoga, Kerala | Nat Geo Traveller, The Collection

Amelia Duggan

Dear Jacqueline, I don't think I can fully express how inspiring I have found your classes these last six months. Your teaching has truly changed my life, both in outlook and approach, and I can't thank you enough. You're such a gifted teacher and I feel both grateful and fortunate to have come across you.

Megan Cooke

I would like to give you some extremely positive feedback about my holiday at Falcon Crest

with Jackie. I have been one of Jackie's students for over a year now and I believe her to be

one of the best yoga teachers out there. She can accommodate all levels in her classes, and

can inject fun and experimentation without alienating beginners. She is extremely well-versed in all types of yoga and can offer a range of styles. Jackie also 'walks the walk'. I have heard too many horror stories of yoga teachers whose primary goal is to make themselves look good at the expense of others. Jackie is the opposite of that. She builds your confidence. Finally, Falcon Crest was a perfect location for a yoga retreat - beautiful and peaceful. I felt in the midst of the natural world. Hassan was the most helpful and friendly hotel manager. Keep up the good work!

Janine Smeadley Turkey Retreat

"Jacqueline is a very talented and experienced yoga teacher. I was drawn to her class by a knee injury which was preventing me from doing weights. Since the first class, I have become passionate about yoga and now practice it regularly 2 times a week with her. Jacqueline is able to make the lessons varied and new every time, so that experienced yogis do not get bored but also easy enough when needed for most people to not get intimidated. I consider myself lucky to have found such a great yoga teacher."

Antonio, Ealing, London

“It was truly inspirational. A unique opportunity to progress both physically and spiritually, and have lots of fun too! Pico island is amazing and Jackie shared her love of dolphins, yoga and life with us freely. Flawless. Thank you! I’ll be back.”

Grace Gould, England (Azores retreat 2007.)

Jackie never stops inspiring me. Each lesson she runs differently, as if she 'reads' the thoughts and needs that I have that day and works on them, it's amazing! I can't wait for every lesson. She is very playful and funny, a delight to have as my teacher. With her peaceful, calm energy, I have grown to love yoga. Bless you Jackie for all the wisdom you bring to us via yoga.

Mata, Ealing

“I was lucky enough to spend a full week in Tulum, Mexico, with miss Jacqueline, and I have to say, it was one of the best trips I have ever had. I have never been that big on yoga, but somehow Jacks made it fresh, fun and challenging (both mentally and physically) each day. She has a vast knowledge of many different cultures, histories and local stories, but is also great to share a drink with, and by the end of the trip, you have forgotten that she is your guide, teacher, local expert, translator and community advocate... and you end up saying good bye to a genuine, great new friend.

This will NOT be an average vacation ... guaranteed."

Erin Lee Adamson, California. (Tulum, Mexico retreat. 2008)

"After I finish Jacqueline's yoga classes I feel that I've had a long and pleasant meeting with myself. Her classes go deep and touch your soul. I am so grateful for them."

- Laticia, Ealing

"Jacqueline's classes are inspiring and challenging. I carry her words with me and everyday they help me in all kinds of situations."

Janine Smeadley, Ealing

"Regarding the yoga, Jackie is amazing which is why I choose to go to her classes twice a week. Her yoga sessions were timed very well, she took into account that there were two people in the group who were new to yoga and another two who she had never taught. She was also able to adapt her style so that people like me got to try something new but at the same time she didn't leave the newbies out, in fact they were amazing and were able to do some of the poses which I still haven't mastered. I guess what I am saying is that her style is very inclusive, I know one of the newbies wasn't sure if he would go to every class, being new to yoga, but he did and he seemed to love it. Jackie mixed up the yoga styles which was brilliant, she is very open to feedback and wants to ensure that everyone gets something out of the classes which is excellent. She asked for our input at the beginning and feedback at the end and I got everything I wanted out of the week and more and I am sure the others did too. I like the fact that she also taught us some of the philosophy and history of yoga and some meditations and yoga nidra too which was a nice bonus. I would definitely love to do another yoga retreat with Freespirit and Jackie, a great combination."

Fiona, Turkey Retreat 2014

Jaqui Wigglesworth came round last night and gave Laarni, my wife and I a treat in restorative yoga. We had the best sleep after an lots of fun... I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to relax, unwind, sleep better, or destress... Thanks Jaqui, you're a treasure:-)

Steve Benitez, Richmond

Dear Jacqueline. I am very sad to be leaving you as you continue your time at Meheba. It has been the most incredible 3 weeks and you have been such a huge and valuable part of making it so. I really appreciate all of the hard work that you have put in for us all to beable to get so much out of this experience. You have been a wonderful leader and a true friend and I hope we get to meet again in the future. Your life is an inspiration to me and I'm honoured to have been, albeit briefly, a part of it. Enjoy the rest of your adventures in Africa. Thank you! Love from Alice.

Alice Salisbury- Meheba Refugee Camp. Zambia

Dear Jackie, what a pleasure it has been getting to know you. You are such an inspirational lady and I feel that I have learnt so much from you and from Africa and hope we get to do another project together soon. Thank you for your wisdom and kindness. Thank you for making my time here in Zambia so enjoyable and for all the hard work you do to make The Book bus a smashing success. If I can ever be of use to you, let me know. Wishing you fun on your future adventures. All my love, Sophie.

Sophie Blunt. Livingstone- Zambia

Dear Jacks. I don't know where to begin. Thank you for being such a fabulous leader. You were always there for us and always listened to our opinions and treated us as equals. I really appreciate everything you've done for us, and especially your positivity, smiles and laughter in a place (a refugee camp) where you expect mainly sadness. I felt safe with you in charge and really admire what you do in the wider world. Keep on living fully and enjoying life to the max. Much love. Emily.

Emily Beggins. Meheba refugee camp. Zambia.

Jacqueline. Thank you so much for making this trip incredible. It's been so amazing sharing so many unique experiences with you here, and I loved your occasional treats for us like marshmallows roasted on the fire to keep spirits high. I've loved my time working with The Book Bus and you've been wonderful. Thank you for everything. Jen.

Jen. Meheba. Zambia.

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