Full Moon Future World Meditation with Cacao

Another month, another full moon; This one during a time of unprecedented cosmic energies, a time of great transformation globally, of a lot of light flooding in a lot of darkness being exposed. A perfect time to clear away old heavy energies and dream in the new. Here are various ways you could do that:

— smudging with sage or palo santo or using Agua de Floridita, or visualizing a violet flame transmuting any heavy energy around you and ahead of you (or wherever you wish to send it.) You could also literally write out what you want to let go of and burn it safely somewhere.

— Move your body in whichever way works for you to allow energy to move and get your heart pumping a little and your breath deepening. For me it’s often yoga, or walking in nature. It could be swimming, running, surfing, kite surfing, dancing or anything you enjoy.

— Maybe a little ritual to assist your intention. For me, it’s often opening sacred space and brewing up some ceremonial cacao, in water or a plant based milk, pouring my intention into it as I stir. A key ingredient is cayenne pepper, which activates the cacao, or if you like, calls in the goddess of cacao, known as Ixcacao to the Mayans, and as Tsuru here in Costa Rica. Feel free to add cinnamon or vanilla, mint, rose or orange or just keep it simple. Then before drinking it, connect to your heart and blow your dreams or wishes, for yourself, others and the world, into the cacao before infusing every cell of your body with those dreams as you sip it. Embodying them.

— Finally maybe do a meditation or visualization of that ideal future you wish to see manifest. You can use my ‘Future World’ Meditation which is free on the Homepage, or the words below which I wrote years ago and return to or adapt as necessary, or just imagine your heartfelt wish already fulfilled, with all your senses. Then let it go and leave the rest up to the moon, 🌕 which, when full, amplifies your thoughts. Et voilà. Enjoy. 🙏💗💫🦋

May love win over fear,
May light dispel darkness,
May unity consciousness override separation consciousness,
May health be the norm,
May truth be a given (and untruths be brought to light to be cleared.)
May we live in harmony with Mother Earth.
May animals be honoured.
May wellbeing for all take precedence over economic growth, power or other agendas.
May we remember who we really are; free, eternal, all one, fearless, joyful, limitless.
May peace reign on Earth.
May all beings everywhere be happy and free….
And may the thoughts, words and deeds of my own life contribute to that end.


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