Jacqueline’s style of Yoga is authentic, safe, inspiring and joyful.

Her classes weave her unique global life experience and embodied wisdom, both from inner learnings and outer ones from bright lights of the world, into breathing exercises, movement and meditations that become your own medicine. Always relating to the bigger picture, with inspiring quotes and illuminating content. 

Jacqueline enjoys sharing the many benefits of yoga wherever she finds herself, and particularly loves leading retreats in beautiful, natural, sacred places. Holding space for people to unplug from daily stresses and journey inwards to their true, authentic selves. You’ll feel much better at the end of a class than you did at the beginning, and ultimately her intention is that you leave with a healthy body, a peaceful mind and an enlightened spirit.

Twilight Flow

with Liz Lark

Join teacher of teachers and author Liz Lark www.lizlark.com and Jacqueline once a month for a deeply healing and inspiring gentle flow with yoga nidra. Each month we’ll weave a new theme and quotes through the soft flow. We’ll gently warm the body and then bring it into deep nourished rest and meditation leaving you feeling balanced, rejuvinated, inspired and ready for the month ahead until we meet again.

Liz and Jacqueline have been friends for many years since meeting in Ibiza, and their styles of teaching compliment each other beautifully, as they both combine their extensive life experience and global yoga practice with a deeply researched multi discipline approach, creating unique classes which both bow to ancient traditional yoga lineages and bring in quantum, creative, artistic elements which keep it fun and always different.

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Yin Yang

Yin Yang Yoga helps you find union – the goal of yoga. As we each find balance between the more masculine, active, solar aspects and more feminine, passive, lunar aspects of ourselves, we contribute to more much needed balance of yin and yang in the world. The first half we will warm up as we flow with the body and breath connected; muscles active, heart pumping; then half way through we morph into the gentler, longer held more internal yin qualities as we cool down, going deep into the connective tissue, fascia and ligaments mindfully and stimulating the energy channels or meridians, leaving you with that elusive quality of balance of mind, body and spirit, no matter what is transpiring in the outside world.

You’ll need a yoga mat, bolster, brick and block (or equivalent) optional blanket and eye bag for savasana.

Every Wednesday 6-7pm

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Allow universal healing energy to flow through you, going wherever it is most needed; whilst resting in a safe, sacred space, with soothing music, candles and sacred smoke creating a healing sanctuary in which you can switch off and receive. Energy Healing techniques have been used for centuries and are completely non invasive and natural. I work just above the body and proceed intuitively. To finish I play my Alchemy crystal bowl over you bathing you in its healing frequencies. I received my first Reiki attunement in 1997 and the other two a few years later. It is such a gift to offer people during these transitional times, to help you feel restored; mind, body and spirit.

Classes available in person 1 hr. 15min and the price is $77.

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Hatha Flow

(Warming / Solar)

Enjoy a warming Hatha flow. Toning and stretching your body, linking breath with movement organically whilst stilling the mind. Ha means sun and tha moon, so Hatha yoga is a balanced combination of active solar movement and soothing lunar stretching. Build strength & heat in the body along with peace and calm in the mind.

We practice Hatha yoga poses mindfully within a creative, intuitive warming flow, which leaves us feeling rejuvenated, more alive and present, more flexible and balanced. Ready for anything and more in flow with life.

Classes available online and in-person.



(Cooling / lunar)

Restorative Yoga is the ultimate treat for yourself. It gradually gently shifts you away from your daily life and worries into your parasympathetic nervous system where your entire body and system is completely at rest and restored, by holding specific poses for 3-5 minutes. Like hitting the reset button, you are left feeling deeply relaxed and renewed, as if you’ve had a long restful sleep. This is the yoga the world needs right now.(Have props handy to rest on.)

I finish with a mini sound bath, immersing you in healing sounds and frequencies, which you entrain to while you rest.  

Classes available online and in person.



Let’s dream a better world into being. Join me each full moon as we collectively envision an ideal future, a new earth beyond these transitional times and then go on a journey to visualize that ideal already manifest with the assistance of Cacao. (You don’t need to have your own cacao. I will blow our shared dreams into it for us all.) Cacao has been used in ceremonies for millennia by various cultures around the world, including the Mayans, who had a goddess of cacao called Ixcacao. The combination of this ‘food of the gods’ and our imaginationas can create wonders.

Cacao is a tool to open hearts, connect us to our Higher Selves and help us remember who we really are; limitless and joyful. It connects us to the sweetness of life, and can be an aid to manifestation when our deepest wishes are blown into it for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth from our hearts before drinking it within ceremony. Join me to imagine and dreamn in a brighter, more beautiful world.

Every full moon 7.30pm UK time.



Sound is one of the oldest forms of healing known to man. Used in ancient Egypt and by Pythagorus in Greece who prescribed music as medicine. All creations myths begin with sound and we’ll always play instruments to uplift the soul. Indigenous icaros and mantras are reawakening globally. Daily modern life can create disharmony within us, but thanks to harmonic resonance and entrainment, through sound healing, we can be bathed in harmonious, healing sounds and frequencies to restore balance.

Alchemy Crystal Bowls are made of 99.9% crystal. When played in a Sound Bath, alone, or with voice & complimentary instruments, with the highest intention, magic can happen. The relaxation response gets activated, happy chemicals including oxytocin and serotonin get released along with nitric oxide, reducing stress, enhancing the immune system, and shifting us into the relaxed, creative states of Theta and Delta brainwaves. All this while you just lie down and rest, allowing healing sound frequencies to weave their way around you and into every cell in your body.

“Sound will be the medicine of the future.” Edgar Cayce 


“Dear Jacqueline, I don’t think I can fully express how inspiring I have found your classes these last six months. Your teaching has truly changed my life, both in outlook and approach, and I can’t thank you enough. You are such a gifted teacher and I feel both fortunate and very grateful to have come across you and your classes.” 

-Meagan Cooke

“After I finish Jacqueline’s yoga classes, I feel that I’ve had a long and pleasant meeting with myself.
Her classes go deep and touch your soul. They are very grounding and healing. I am so grateful for them.”

Leticia. UK

“Jacqueline never stops inspiring me. She runs each lesson slightly differently, as if she has read my thoughts and needs for that day and incorporated them into the class. It’s amazing, and I can’t wait for every lesson. She is both very professional and very playful and funny, a true delight to have as my teacher, with her powerful yet peaceful presence. Because of her I have grown to love yoga. I am so grateful for all the wisdom she has shared with me through her yoga classes. I can’t recommend her enough.” 

Mata – London